iShop@ACRA has launched a new customer-centric user interface, including a clean and user-friendly layout with added e-services, to improve the online shopping experience for iShop@ACRA customers. After purchasing business information products, customers can easily authenticate the information in the product and submit an enquiry on the status of their purchase.  The free business entity search function is further enhanced to make it easier and faster to search for information on a business entity.  

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Easier way to buy business information products

Kết quả xổ số miền bắc 60 ngàyWe have simplified the process to purchase business information products such as Business Profile.  Customers only need to provide their name and email address and no longer need to submit any identification and contact details when making a purchase. As all online purchases will be sent to the email address provided, customers are reminded to enter a valid email address so that the purchases will be delivered to the correct email address.

Enhanced Directory Search

Looking for information on a registered business entity? It is now easier to conduct a search for business entities and public accountants registered with ACRA using the entity search function. Simply enter the name of the business entity or public accountant and click “Search”.

The enhanced entity search will display the registered and reserved names of business entity. If you are starting a business, you can check if a similar business name has been reserved, before deciding on the name for your business entity.

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